Make a Difference

Why do these celebrities do so little in influencing exceptionalism? The volunteer opportunities are enormous for celebrities who have so much to say about their contempt of President Trump


An important part of the solution is having an honest discussion with each other and pushing boundaries by challenging every aspect of the problem, the root cause, the history, and our own roles in the problem. The solution

Black Lives Matter for Trump

The votes of black Americans matter, and as a former educator and a person of faith, I believe in the importance of following our moral compasses and spreading information and freedom to young black Americans. Many among us in the black community have been peer pressured to act and certain ways, ways that don’t always reflect our core beliefs and values.

by John Jocelyn

 Storyteller & Patriotic Activist


Love Matters

Based on devastating consequences to black Americans trying to live ordinary lives, it is clear that there is a lack of compassion in some of our police forces...



In the age of President Trump, there is an under-reported optimism and love flowing through the African Americans community …


A Liberal Savior

Why are we still looking for a liberal savior?  Why is there such a belief that one democratic president and everything would become great without any lingering issues?  I love Obama …

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