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“We’ll have to make America the paradise our forefather imagined.”

- John Jocelyn, a black-American Patriotic Activist

John Jocelyn

A Black man Patriotic activist

John sees the world as a canvass painted by a higher power, in need of decorating with beautiful colors.  The world can be beautiful, if we imagine a pretty world and do the work in pursuing this outcome. As a standup comic, conservative thinker, teacher, minister, and life coach who is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others.  


As a native of Jacksonville, Florida, John graduated from University of North Florida with a bachelor’s in literature. John has lived a life of service, by first joining the military, and served in the US Air force, in which he received a military accommodation for his service in helping others during Hurricane Hugo. He helped founded the Kings Family organization and have served on many non-profit boards designed to make a difference in the life of and his many contribution to non-profit organization in helping families and children.

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