John Jocelyn

A Black man, Patriotic Author

John Jocelyn, a black American author, provides an inside of what he stands for and invites you to embrace the American story and the president of the United States. 

Keep America Great Again!. 

LOL, China’s Funny Gas: The World Can’t Breathe

What's funny about Communist China’s detention camp? And why should Americans care?  

The challenges of our economic system provide some cover for the Chinese government to commit innumerable atrocities in broad daylight. This book is a rare defiance to the silence that protects the scandalous economy of China.

Political Lynching of Kanye West

This book is a bomb shell of ideas that will knock your mind out of its comfort zone.

Readers will learn how Kanye West, Candance Owens, and others are forging a new path for freedom thinkers in the struggle over free thought. Ultimately, his ruminations culminate with an analysis of important facts that lead us to the conclusion that President Trump is the best president for the African American community.

11 Reasons to Thank President Trump

Discover the truth from a unique and insightful perspective

Explore both sides of the issue on everything from America’s trade policy with China to the American spirit and the future of race relations in America. This book may challenge some of your previously held assumptions and it will ask you to think critically.

Discovering Your Purpose

Discover the empowering benefit of living a life of service.

In discovering your mission and the ultimate destiny of your life, you’ll learn the importance of becoming a witness for a higher power, and learn why only through service that one fulfills his or her ultimate destiny. 

Was Slavery Beneficial?

How can it be possible that most painful experiences on this earth could've actually benefited humanity? 

In this revolutionary book, Jocelyn answers by taking a good, hard, realistic look at the institution of American slavery and its impacts. Though it was extremely brutal, he argues, slavery brought humanity together and showed the Love of Christ to an entire race.

Fathers Matter: Tears of Angels

These poems represent a celebration of life

These poetry verses embody a plea to all of us (fathers most importantly) to embrace our responsibility in being a unique figure in the lives of children. This trust comes with a provision to provide more than monetary support, but also an obligation to participate in their search for understanding by hugging, loving, cherishing, and appreciating their uniqueness and their reflection of nature's greatest gift of life.

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