What's a Career Coach?



The workplace is constantly changing and requires various types of skills, which can make it hard for individuals to know where they fit. As more people enter the workplace at immense rates, individuals find themselves working in more diverse, educated, and challenging workplaces. The ability to survive and thrive in these dynamic workplaces requires understanding the current structure and the proper behavior and conduct required to achieve success. If an individual can understand these necessary concepts, they can advance to new career heights. 

My goal is to be the fuel that provides the needed guidance to assist clients in analyzing their business goals and creating a clear path to find success in their career choice. 


•Create a  Clear Path - Each individual can run toward success when a clear path lies ahead. My job is to dissect your current pursuits and dreams from all the things that are holding you back. I will disseminate all the information that you need to walk a clear path into your future. 

•Provide the Proper Tools - While most people already have the tools they need to do well in their profession, many have never been taught to use those tools, and that’s what I do for the people I help. I show people how to use the tools they already have to build new tools and new structures they can use to create a brighter tomorrow.
•The Journey - My mission is to help people successfully navigate challenging and daring career and life transitions. In my journey, I’ve refused to accept barriers, defeat, negativity, or situations in which people attempted to define my success. I’ve learned to create achievement on my own terms. 
•Break the Barriers - I’ve been able to push past the barriers set up to stop me, and I developed a thoughtful method for success and ultimate happiness. My success came about due to hard work and an unwillingness to accept the status quo or negative forces. If you have that same attitude, you’ll start to uncover strength in yourself that you never realized you had before.


I want to help you with the knowledge and understanding I forged through the thoughtful, systematic process of finding the best path to reach one’s ultimate goals. My path to achievement isn’t easy, but it is straightforward, so while you’ll have to work, my methods are not going to hold you to impossible standards.

Our goal is to guide clients through a reflective and actionable approach in making the best possible choices in pursuing career development & advancement. Don’t wait to make your life better because there’s no need to delay your personal fulfillment You can take charge of your future right now with just a little help.

John Jocelyn

Spiritual Mentor

"Inspired by God to help others"

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