Leadership & Personal Branding Package

This coaching package is for individuals looking to take their career to a much higher level. It’s good if you already have a solid career but want to propel your career to new heights. The idea of this program is to develop the individual into a leader who makes a point and stands by creating a personal brand. The service is best for the professionals who already have a good career and a decent resume but who still need a little bump forward to be the best version of themselves.


Action Steps


•Analyze your current standing and develop an authentic leadership report.
•Complete a leadership assessment to analyze strength and weaknesses.
•Dive into your current job, role, and the opportunities for leadership and branding.
•Complete a leadership assessment
•Explore your personal mission, vision, and values to create a specific brand for you.

Benefits of this package:


•Gives a complete understanding of one’s current brand.
•Provides the tools to develop an authentic leadership presence aligning with your brand.
•Analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate.
•Receive professional tips to revamp your LinkedIn profile so that it aligns with your desired brand.

Cost: $250