My name is John Jocelyn, and I started Skyrocket with the goal of helping people find success with their career goals so that they can use their full potetials and find contentment.

I’ve watched many in the corporate world fail to make their dreams become a reality, and now, I want to share my unique insights with others. Everyone deserces the chance to make their dreams a reality. Thus, after working in a senior leadership position for over two decades, earning graduate degrees in personnel management and education, I want to use my unique experience and knowledge to give back and bring out other people’s dormant potential.   

Skyrocket is about given back and assisting others. The idea is to provide hope, guidance and a structured approach toward success in the work world. I don’t just believe in giving people the information that they need to succeed because information alone can only get you so far. I also value providing the communication and human skills needed to make it in our society. I have made it my mission to faciliatate guidance for career professionals to get clear outlooks toward their goals. Success awaits you if you know the crucial steps to align your path with your goal and work to build your dazzling future.