Career Road-Mapping PackageUS

The Career Road-Mapping Package is for individuals not sure of their career choice. This program is best suited for people looking to commence careers and understand their professional wants. A successful candidate for this process is someone who has just entered the workforce with less than five years of work experience or who isn’t sure what direction they want to take while entering professional life. 


Action Steps


•Career Evaluation Given.
•90-day Customized Action Plan.
•Revamping LinkedIn profiles.
•Learn independent and self-directing business skills.  
•3 Coaching Sessions for a total of 90 minutes.

Benefits of this package:


•A complete assessment to discover the best career choice based on the candidate’s interests and aptitudes.
•A full customized report of career decision guide with a comprehensive early-career roadmap.
•Assessment of current profession’s opportunities for career advancement.
•Assistance in creating, revising, or reorienting client’s LinkedIn profile.

Cost: $90



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