Frequently Asked Questions



1. Why am I not successful?

There’s a possibility that you may not have analyzed your present, past, and future for specific actions toward success.  Have you defined what success means you? Being actively engaged in trying to do well in your career is some evidence of you being on the road to success, but you may need extra guidance to more easily find your path. You’ve made a good start, but you need to take some extra efforts.

2. How do I choose a career?

The best options require you to examine yourself and make choices that align with your personality, desires, and experience. We can help. While you may know yourself well, we can show you parts of yourself and reveal how to build those into a career.

3. Should I go to college?

College is a great choice, but it is even a better choice if you have a purpose. College is a good choice if it helps you accomplish your specific goals, but it is not always the best choice or a need choice. We can help to decide the justification and some of the challenges. With our help, you can decide if college or other educational opportunities are appropriate for your desires, aptitudes, and professional needs.

4. Should I look for a better job?

This decision depends on your current position’s effectiveness in aligning with your life goals. Are there chances for growth?  Are you fulfilled? Are you making enough? A good discussion with one of our career coaches will help clarify the answers to these questions.

5. What’s the benefit of being an intern?

The chance of getting work experience is extremely valuable in some career fields.  An internship assures you that you’re connected with the right path and assures a certain profession will be what you want it to be. Let’s discuss.