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LOL, China's Funny Gas

Dear Reader,

Hope this finds you in good spirit,

I'm a regular guy without much of a platform; with your help, we can make a difference. What's happening in Communist China to the one million or more Uighur spiritual community is entirely wrong. I'm glad President Trump signed the Uighur Human Rights Policy Act of 2020.

In the midst of the hidden suffering, the Communist government of China brings misery, pain, and the complete disregard for individuals' lives, highlighting a conflicted world without the courage to deal with the complexity of a rising community power.

You can make a difference by speaking out and expressing your displeasure with what's happening in China.

Call you congressman, senators, and leaders and let them know the importance of standing up to Community China. The world cannot stand by and allow China's evil leaders to lock up these people as if they have no existence or meaning to humanity. They are part of our human family and forever intertwine with our presence.

Please purchase this book and let me know your true feelings,

All the best,



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