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Love Matters

How do we stop all this hatred?

Based on devastating consequences to black Americans trying to live ordinary lives, it is clear that there is a lack of compassion in some of our police forces. While the issue of police brutality and racism is undeniably present, the vast majority of police officers are good people with compassionate hearts. Still, naturally, as in any profession, there are those who not complete professionals and who aren’t so well-intentioned. Those who are ill-intentioned are more profound in police work because the stakes of a career in law enforcement are so high.

The disappointing fact is that not every individual who chooses to become a police officer is a good person. Some officers do not prioritize the ideas of protecting and serving. Those are the ones who have chosen their profession for all the wrong reasons. In the police force, there shouldn’t be room for those who want to be police officers based on a hunger for power, violence, or domination because those who do not have the right intentions will corrupt the entire criminal justice system, which has long been a system that values the development and dignity of privileged individuals at the expense of the non-privileged.

The officers who commit terrible acts are by no means representative of the police force. Yet, their actions have tainted a vital profession, filled with individuals who put their lives on the line to protect and serve. Without these honorable men and women guarding the streets, minority communities would be the most affected by their absence. While these communities are not thoroughly protected with racist and negligent officers roaming the streets, they need protection and an assurance of safety. Even with the need for police service, communities cannot accept the acts of these police officers showing very little regard for the lives of black people, who they should respect and serve just as they would in respect to white lives.

The bottom line is that love is needed to ensure the proper balance in serving American communities. There needs to be a process where the police connect with all the people that they serve. There should be a process where the police show in their records times when they have connected to the community and learn to be understanding and fair to that community. These are three suggestions to indoctrinate the police in their community and assure they learn to love and appreciate the people who they serve.

1. Required to eat dinner with ten families in the community to discuss issues and concerns facing that community and to create a relationship with those people for better service.

2. Require 50 community service hours mentoring a young person, which will help youth and police officers alike to grow and learn from each other.

3. Require 25 hrs. community service feeding the homeless so that officers are forced to keep humanity in mind whenever they work because human lives should be the priority of police officers.

These are just a few of the various approaches that can provide some sensibility training to police officers. In their training, to counteract the tough exterior they are taught to maintain, there must be a more humanistic approach so that they are taught to have value for all lives, particularly the lives of those who they have not historically protected. Training and enforcing important rules and regulations are part of the answer to the atrocities that we have seen. There is naturally no one golden solution that will immediately erase years of systemic racism and abuse of power. The solution will come in various ways with many approaches, but the idea of allowing this to continue is unwise and make no logical sense. Thus, adding just a little love and humanity to police officers’ required training can be one of these important steps forward so that people can live in peace with police officers and can be safe in their communities.


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