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Vote Our Values - No Imaginary Savior

Dear readers,

As African Americans, we do so much damage to our core values when we put them aside to support the vain and inaccurate notion that we need a savior to save us. The days of looking for a savior riding in a white horse is over because that savior is a fantasy more than anything else. Our only savior is the almighty, or for those without a spiritual belief, their savior is themselves and whatever gives them the energy to wake up in the morning and tackle the world.

Whatever you live for can serve as a higher power in the absence of spirituality. This driving force in your life is what will save you, but too few people acknowledge this notion. The idea of waiting for someone to save all our problems is a major problem for those wanting to create change. We have to stay close to faith and create an environment where faith in a higher being is central. We need something to believe in that connects us to our world and ourselves, and having a power liberates us to take charge of our own lives.

The reasons that our schools and community often degrade the idea of saving ourselves correlates to the overarching theme of people removing spirituality from the school system. The liberal elite will not even allow a moment of silence to show respect for a higher power and something greater than ourselves. The respect of life has been completely eradicated from our culture, which impedes our understanding of our world and our abilities.

Today’s world is a chaotic place. This outlook reveals a world dominated by tough and brutal leaders with the selfish ambition of riches and greatness and very little regard for their own people. Crime, lawlessness, and depravity run wild in places where everyone flees their responsibilities or home countries, looking for another person or country to assume their problems. President Trump is ushering a sea of change in which the United States government holds countries responsible for their commitment to their people and ushers in a better world.

Our patriot, President Trump, is rising to the challenge. Faith and service are gaining center-stage in this renewed American landscape. The slogan, "Make America Great Again," is fitting. The future is starting to look favorable for those who appreciate faith as well as the freedom of man, but, on the horizon, a dark storm is lurking.

There is an evil force seeking to destroy the realignment of the world. The leadership of President Trump is a direct threat to those seeking to erase faith. Conservatives, in effect, became a target through their association with President Trump. The liberal media has managed to remove all the barriers, and the storm is moving directly towards the President.

As African Americans, we have to come back to fold to support this president. In his core, he empowers Americans to pursue the highest order and in some sense plays a great deal of importance in the sea of change happening in our nation. Vote Donald Trump and assure this transformation in “Make American Great” continues.

With Love,



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