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Political Lynching of Kanye West

Dear Reader,

As a student working on my Ph.D. in Psychology, my entire world changed when I witnessed the "The Political Lynching of Kanye West." These events compelled me to suspend my academic pursuits and document my findings.

The journey started with the actions of the artistic genius, Kanye West. He is a legend who saved rap music from the grip of gangster rap and influenced the direction of music as a whole. In embracing President Trump, this young superstar unleashed a media furry upon him of insurmountable proportions. The sustained documented and verbal assault came from all sections of the liberal influence and was not relinquish until he gave a complete reversal of his position.

Kanye West understood the special nature of this hero in his declaration of love and support for President Trump. This superstar would take a giant leap of faith that would nearly wipe out his career. Like an angel falling from the sky, the liberal media sustained an assault on Kanye West that nearly destroyed his reputation and career. This documented assault on Kanye West is unprecedented.

I love the courage of Kanye West, most superstar hides in their stardom and take no action that could damage their ability to make money and be successful. No Kanye, he says what needs to be said.

Love always,



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